Thomas Kessens (Amsterdam, 1972) is a self taught photographer. During his first few years in photography he mostly worked for himself , learning and exploring. Later on he also worked for several clients. In recent years he has been focussing more on his own, autonomous work. Resulting mostly in portraits and street scenes.
In his portraits Kessens likes to depict his subjects as bare as possible, with or without clothes, but in any case with as little mishmash and directed as little as possible, generally with daylight as the only source of light. His subjects are consciously aware of themselves  and are not given a role to play, in that way they are vulnerable.  
Kessens is interested in the moment when someone lets go of the walls we all pull up in life. In that moment a person is a blank page and therefore best suited to be photographed, to be interpreted. 
Nevertheless, his portraits say more about the photographer than about the people portrayed: “It is an illusion to think you can capture someone’s essence in a photograph. It’s always about me, the photographer. Whatever I shoot and however I do that, it will always be my interpretation, and my interpretation depends on my perception, my mood and my goals”.
In Kessens’ street scenes, man, in his quite unnatural urban environment, plays a big role. At first mostly in graphical black and white images, later on also in colour and with more space in the compositions. The way humanity moves in the space and compositions provided by the urban environment is interesting, but so are the space and compositions themselves. By choosing a slightly different point of view, a different moment of taking the shot, choosing a different angle, Kessens looks for an alternative way to show a space and the position of man in it. Alienating, lonely, yet persistent.
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